Testimonials of Energy Sessions 

* Dawn has a true gift in the healing arts. Her compassionate spirit gently guides you through each session.  With her help, I have made significant shifts since releasing old emotions. I found that this subtle, yet powerfully transformative energy work has touched me not only on a mental-emotional level, but has precipitated profound physical changes within my body as I release energy blocks and cell memory of past trauma. Where I had once been "stuck" I have new found freedom. And it just keeps getting better. Thank you Dawn!
Lisa G.  (Bellingham, WA December 2019)
* Dawn is a truly gifted intuitive healer. I felt very comfortable with her from the first meeting-she is kind and easy to talk to, not at all in her ego. She truly desires to help the people who come to her. She has helped me work through a few issues with her gentle approach of energy clearing and visualization. A beautiful soul with a kind heart and a wonderful sense of humor.
Z. D.  (Bellingham, January 2020)

"You immediately feel at ease with and comforted by Dawn’s loving and healing presence. I have experienced her powerful and transformative energy healing treatments and have released pain and suffering and experienced joy and light heartedness. Dawn is refined in her intuitive gifts and is experienced and trained in a variety of modalities. She is able to tap into her wise and intuitive skills for what is most beneficial and needed in the moment. You will feel relaxed and well cared for in Dawn’s healing hands."

Andrea (January 2023)

* Dawn and I have worked together for some time; she is caring, supportive, and incredibly competent--it felt right to take a "leap of faith" to do distance-work, even if I was initially skeptical and reluctant. The results went beyond my expectations! I definitely felt "something" happening while Dawn was engaged in her work, and the blockages that we targeted eased significantly in the days following. Mission accomplished! With ease of access--and considering public health guidelines--I absolutely recommend sessions at a distance!
Cezar M (Bellingham, September 2020 - Distance Energy Work)
* Working with Dawn has been immensely helpful. Even though we are working remotely, it’s easy to feel Dawn’s care and support from the moment we start working. I appreciate Dawn’s help in releasing of the past, healing in the present and building a more authentic future.
Rachel B. (Los Gatos, California, October 2020 - Distance Energy Work)
* Surprising as it seems, I've seen improvement in two diverse issues.  Remote energy work has given me an additional tool for improving my health. My dry eyes improved to the point I've stopped my A.M. procedure.  I'm using drops when needed.  I got help with a hiatal hernia.  Now eating larger meals and expanding my menu choices with out reactions caused by reflex.
J.P. (Whatcom County, September 2020 - Distance Energy Work)
* Dawn, Your work is truly inspiring and has been tremendously helpful.  You are helping to make the world a better place.  Ben B.  (Bellingham, November 2020 - Distance Energy Work)
* Good Morning Dawn,
I wanted to relate an experience I had since your remarkable healing sessions.
Ever since my first treatment I have had no low back pain, a condition that has plagued me for many years due to my scoliosis. So, I agreed to go hiking with my wife, Andrea, and we hiked the “back trails” at Lake Padden with lots of elevation changes, and continued on around the perimeter of the lake. This would have killed my back just a few weeks ago, and I had NO PAIN.

Later that same day we decided to give my new wet suit a try, and we went swimming in Lake Padden. I haven’t been swimming for years mostly because of the pain it would cause. This time, NO PAIN!! Either of these activites alone would have been impossible and both combined in the same day…..no way.
So, an entire day enjoyed, and many more,  thanks to your amazing healing abilities. This is an incredible experience living in comfort after many decades of debilitating pain.
To say Thank You seems totally insufficient for the gift you have given me, but I thank you with all my heart!! I think of you frequently throughout every day with sincere gratitude.
Jerry  (Bellingham, WA, July 2017)

As an Energy practitioner and nurse I can unequivocally recommend Dawn Kodin's work! She has assisted both my husband and I in our healing processes with profound results. Dean had two life altering events this past year, a motorcycle accident followed by a major heart attack two weeks later..he is healing beautifully, in fact so well he is planning another cross country motorcycle trip this summer! We give great thanks to Dawn for her assistance. I personally am grateful for her healing insight and intuitive knowing while assisting me with emotional and physical difficulties these past few years.
If you are wondering, will this help me... I say do yourself a huge favor and book an appointment with Dawn, you will not regret it.

Karen Bacon, Deming, WA 

Dawn has been doing energywork with me from early this year 2017.  When we first started I was seeking relief from a 10 year old bilateral knee replacement.  I had also been diagnosed with breast cancer metastases.  My pain was being helped a little bit by low dose morphine.

With her skill and my willingness to receive her help I have gained close to a pain free body.  My levels of pain were formerly a 6 or 7 and now are closer to a 3.  I'm experiencing an enormous change in my energy levels and well being.

Thank you Dawn.

Carolyn Crow, Lynden, WA 82 years old, August 2017 

Dawn Kodin is a wonderfully gentle healer.  I went to Dawn to receive some help in a couple of areas in my life.  She helped me remove blocks and recenter myself in the area of Prosperity.  Recently Dawn helped me clear up my energy and increase my general and physical well-being.  I came out of that session rejuvenated, like I had received a thorough tune up.  She has many tools she uses, and Dawn is intuitive about which tools might work to address the issue.  She is a very good listener as well, and also speaks from her heart.  Thank you for the work you do!

~Emi Onozawa, Bellingham, WA

I have had migraines all my life, sometimes several in a row. I can stop one with acupressure and strong caffeine, but am always left with residual achiness and inflammation I can feel in the brain, so I live carefully for the next few days. Dawn worked on me by distance the last time, and renewed mental clarity and ease were the result. Her work was extremely effective, and that was distance.  I can only imagine how powerful it is on the table!
Birch Bay, WA
April 2016 

Dawn is an amazing intuitive healer. Simply being in her presence I feel and see her light, pure love, and compassion for assisting others in seeing their own light and inner beauty. Dawn integrates a variety of modalities for healing imbalances and strengthening one's wholeness in body, mind, and spirit and creates a safe environment allowing one to let go and surrender. Her years of dedication and experience in the field of healing arts instill a sense of confidence and trust in her abilities and intuitive insights which helped me in my healing journey.

Having received a variety of therapeutic healing treatments from Dawn's loving hands and nurturing soul, I gratefully recommend her in assisting you on your journey to wholeness and well being.

With a grateful heart,

Andrea Fenwick

Bellingham, WA

Dawn's energy work has helped to decrease stress in my life and has accelerated my body's self healing abilities following surgery. I always leave my sessions with Dawn feeling more at peace, balanced, and whole not only with myself but with the world around me. Dawn is truly gifted in her abilities to connect with her clients to provide a safe, supportive and healing environment during her treatment sessions. I always look forward to my next Reiki Session with Dawn.

Jamie, Ferndale, WA                                        

* I want to thank Dawn Kodin for a beautiful session yesterday.  Gently she tapped into many hidden emotions and subsequently I felt the release of so many toxins that were housed in my body.  Thank you Dawn for the cleansing.  I feel expanded and lighter today. 

Charlene Buford

Houston, Texas

(I used an emotional cleansing technique I developed along with additional energy work)

Dawn Kodin



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if your heart and mind are in Unity.

~White Buffalo Calf Woman~

DISCLAIMER:  The information on this website is for educational information only.  No parts are to be taken as medical/diagnosis or prescription for any illness.  "Healing" means you are aware that the body has the wisdom to heal itself.  I assist with energetic imbalances in the energy field that assist the body to utilize its innate healing ability.  See your healthcare provider for your personal healthcare needs.