My Experience in Energy Work

•   Trained in the Arts of Energy healing for over 40 years
  •  Trained & Certified under Rudy Hunter in Advanced ASH (Activated Spaces Healing)
  •  Completed Two Years of Mentoring/Guidance with Jarrad Hewett
  •  Certified Usui Reiki Attunements to Master Level
  •  Certified Holy Fire II and III
  •  Karuna® Reiki
•  Deeksha and Oneness Blessing Giver
•  Completed Level Three Energy and Intuitive Classes - trained in Theraputic Touch, 
     Intuition, Knowing, and the body Energy Centers.
•  Hospice Volunteer for 10 years, 5 years in Los Angeles and 5 years in Bellingham, WA
•  Trained and Studied over the years with Clairvoyants and Intuitives
•  Aided in setting up Healing Workshop in Ecuador Amazon Jungle for Quechua Shaman 
•  Studied and Completed Intuitive Classes under the guidance of Joanna Schmidt
•  Currently doing work with Tamra Oviatt in her Empowered Healer program

My Healing Practices include
I work gently with people to bring them into BALANCE through a number of healing modalities, including using Universal healing energies, harmonizing, clearing and balancing your energies and by releasing unwanted stuck emotions so that you can expand and grow into your full potential.  As a trained Reiki Master and Advanced ASH energy worker I can help balance your system to bring you to a point of self healing/healing.  
I gently guide and work with you to release emotions which have become lodged in your body as I safely guide you to release your unwanted emotions and bring you into your own power through self-love and acceptance.
I have the ability to move energy and transmit it to bring you comfort, expansion and wellness. Our bodies already know what to do, they may just need a little help to gently nudge you toward wellness. 

ADVANCED ASH - ASH - "This is Laser Focused Prayer - A new gentle & easy paradigm for healing work. ASH is a total shift in healing techniques & approaches that focuses on the spaces in, through and around PROBLEM ~ not the problem itself.  It is indirect work that is an actual shortcut to changing and improving things."  Rudy Hunter

ASH calms the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is where the healing takes place.  When we are stuck in fight or flight mode (as our too fast lifestyle seems to warrant) the physical body cannot heal.  After ASH sessions folks feel lighter and issues just seem to disappear

This very effective process was taught to me by the originator Rudy Hunter at

 I also offer Animal Reiki 
& Energy Sessions