Benefits:  Sacred Activations, Advanced Activated Spaces Healing - (ASH),
Reiki - Usui, Holy Fire II and III, Karuna® Reiki

•  What can this energy do for you?

  • Release physical & emotions pain that keeps you stuck
  • Heals Physical trauma, injuries and ailments
  • Clears Anxiety/Nervousness:  Brings calm and emotional stability
  • Restlessness: Brings comfort and peace
  • Pre-surgery:  Boosts your immune system
  • Post surgery: Quicker healing time = physical wellness
  • Clears Emotional issues (old and current): 
  • Insecurity: Helps you to feel safe and harmonized 

•  What do my Clients say?

I have clients who have been been able to completely get off medication which they had been taking for 25 years

Others have Released old Anger and Resentment

Cleared Anxiety and Overwhelm

Feeling stable and calm while undergoing chemo for stage 4 cancer

Better Focus and Comprehension 

Transmuting Hatred into Love

...and the list just goes on and on and on - - see testimonial page

 I also offer Animal Reiki & Energy Sessions

DISTANCE work or On-Site:
Dawn Kodin - Bellingham, WA

Every energy and frequency 

can be brought back into harmony

    Harmonizing - Balancing - Releasing unwanted emotions

Many times old unpleasant emotions become lodged in your system and keep you from accessing your full potential.  I will help you release unwanted dense emotions so you can live in your joy and feel more expansive and light.

I work with Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire II Reiki, ADVANCED ASH and Intuitive Energy Healing by Intentionally transmitting loving energy to guide you into a state of  harmony and release of unwanted physical and/or emotional energies and guide you to a space of wellness.  Past Life Journeys are only done on-site.

Emotional and Mental imbalances: Many times our present imbalances are a reflection of your past experiences and how you processed information, past traumas and family dynamics.  Many times a physical ailment stems from emotional trauma stuck in your energy fields. Usui Holy Fire II Reiki, ADVANCED ASH and Energy Harmonizing can help free your emotional trauma so that your body can come into balance and begin the wellness process.

DISCLAIMER:  The information on this website is for educational information only.  No parts are to be taken as medical/diagnosis or prescription for any illness.  "Healing" means you are aware that the body has the wisdom to heal itself.  I assist with energetic imbalances in the energy field that assist the body to utilize its innate healing ability.  See your healthcare provider for your personal healthcare needs.