* Balance, Clear, Align and Release Emotional Issues    *Reiki Master - Usui, Holy Fire II and III, Karuna®
* Intuitive Energy Sessions (using light, sound, colors and/or gemstones)  * Advanced ASH - Activated Spaces Healing 

We are all very sensitive to energy whether we realize it or not.  Your life is a reflection of your past and how you translated information coming at you, including past traumas, family dynamics and genetics.  Physical ailments often stem from emotional trauma stuck in your energy field or in your body, muscles, joints and/or sometimes in your internal organs. 
Energy work and Emotional Releasing can help Balance, Align and free up trauma from your cell memory so you can easily come into balance to begin your healing process. 

When your energy moves back into Balance, you experience greater comfort, relaxation and your body can continue on the path to Self-Healing.  I gently and lovingly work with Universal Energy and the Energy of your self to call back into BALANCE your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental slivers of yourself.  

Many times old unpleasant emotions become lodged in your system and keep you from accessing your full potential.  I will help you release unwanted dense emotions so you can live in your joy and expansion.

I offer Hands On and Distance Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire II Reiki, ASH and Energy work by Intentionally transmitting loving energy to harmonize and Emotional Releasing of unwanted emotions and guide you back to a state of balance and wellness.

ASH - "This is Laser Focused Prayer - A new gentle & easy paradigm for healing work. ASH is a total shift in healing techniques & approaches that focuses on the spaces in, through and around the PROBLEM ~ not the problem itself.  It is indirect work that is an actual shortcut to changing and improving things."  ASH calms the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is where the healing takes place. When we are stuck in fight or flight mode (as our too fast lifestyle seems to warrant) the physical body cannot heal.  After ASH sessions folks feel lighter and issues just seem to disappear!  This very effective process was taught to me by the originator Rudy Hunter at rudyhunter.com

Available for DISTANCE and Onsite

Advanced ASH work (as taught by Rudy Hunter)
Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master

Energy Balancing and Emotional Releasing

Dawn Kodin 



  I also offer Reiki, Advanced ASH & Energy Sessions for your Animals and Pets